PinchBook- Photo Book Cover (Black cloth)
Size : A3 (297x420mm) with window[PBA3ITNF]

PinchBook- Photo Book Cover (Black cloth)<br>Size : A3 (297x420mm) with window
PinchBook- Photo Book Cover (Black cloth)
Size : A3 (297x420mm) with window[PBA3ITNF]

21.90 € HT
26.28 € TTC
Quantity :
Packaging : photo book cover
Type of product : PinchBook, easy expandable photo book cover
Finish : Black cloth
Picture size : A3 (297x420mm)

Description : Available in sizes to fit a 4×6” to an A3 landscape page these books are the ideal way to create your own custom professional portfolio book for photography or art and design. Update and change the contents quickly and easily by pulling back the covers and releasing the pages. Pinchbooks are reusable, expandable and use no harmful glues to hold the pages together. Simply pull back the cover and the spring clamp opens up, insert the pages and it snaps back together. If you make a mistake or want to add a few extra pages, simply reopen the spring clamp and adjust as necessary.

- Photo albums
- Artists books
- Presentation book
- Press-book
- Finish : black cloth
- Cover thickness : 3mm
- Number of pages : 30/35 (150gsm)
- With window

It's also avalable in various sizes like 10x15, 20x20, 20x25, 30x30 and A4 (210x297mm).

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