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IFA52-Matte Polyester Canvas (Bright White) 260gsm
24 inches roll (610mmx30M)[IFA52R24]

<b>IFA52</b>-Matte Polyester Canvas (Bright White) 260gsm<br>24 inches roll (610mmx30M)

IFA52-Matte Polyester Canvas (Bright White) 260gsm
24 inches roll (610mmx30M)[IFA52R24]

122.00 € HT
146.40 € TTC
Quantity :
Packaging : 24 inches roll of low price matte photo polyester canvas
Type of product : INNOVA Fine Art, eco fine art matte canvas
Weight : 260gsm
Size : Roll 24 inches (610mmx30M)

Polyester Canvas (Bright White) - IFA52 is a revolution in the production Art market. He brings to digital printers the photo quality on a strong and durable Canvas product. The Matte coating of this cost effective matte canvas is similar to the coating used on Fibaprint papers. It is water resistant and can be finished with water based and solvent giclée varnishes to seal the surface and extend UV resistance. Made from high-grade polyester, this Canvas is tough, flexible and easy to stretch without unsightly cracking. Bright White, it is designed for high quality fine art and photographic reproduction with inkjet (giclée) technology. Pigment & dye ink compatible. Length : 30m (instead of usual 15m!). Weight : 260gsm.

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