IFAPO2 - Sample Pack PHOTO ART
Size : A4 (8 sheets)[IFAPO2]

<b>IFAPO2</b> - Sample Pack PHOTO ART<br>Size : A4 (8 sheets)
IFAPO2 - Sample Pack PHOTO ART
Size : A4 (8 sheets)[IFAPO2]

8.00 € HT
9.60 € TTC
Quantity :
Packaging : 9 x A4 sheets sample pack photo and baryte papers
Type of product : INNOVA Photo FibaPrint range, ink jet Archival papers for the artist
Printing technology : aqueous ink jet (Dye or pigmented)
Size : A4 (210x297mm)

Description : This sample pack contains all the products which belong to FIBAPRINT range. In order of appearance : IFA39, IFA40, IFA49, IFA59, IFA60, IFA71, IFA72 et IFA178 dont les intitulés suivent :
IFA39 : FibaPrint White Matte 280g/m2
IFA40 : FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss 325g/m2
IFA49 : FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss 285g/m2
IFA59 : RC Photo Lustre 260g/m2
IFA60 : RC Photo Gloss 260g/m2
IFA71 : RC Photo Metallic Gloss 260g/m2
IFA72 : RC Photo Metallic Lustre 260g/m2
IFA178 : RC Photo Premium Matte 260g/m2

All those papers are acid and lignin free base paper. They are available in A4, A3, A3+ et A2 formats (25 or 50 sheets packages) and also in rolls of 17" (432mm), 24", (610mm), 36" (914mm) , 44" (1118mm) and 60" (1520mm).
- Fine art & photographic reproduction
- Photo restoration - memory albums & photo albums
- Greeting Cards, Post Cards
- Presentational art graphics for print display requirements