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Ink Jet Paper

Produce outstanding results with inkjet paper printing. The latter is a high quality support made from wood pulp. On this paper base is deposited a specific coating which allows the ink not to spread and to dry instantly. Durable, it will allow professionals and passionate amateurs alike to produce photographic prints of unparalleled aesthetics.

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Inkjet printing is the best solution for obtaining exceptional results. This is why Papier Innova, a web site specializing in the design and production of innovative artistic quality papers, invites you to discover its selection of inkjet papers available in several Fine Art ranges in various formats.
Thanks to inkjet papers, you can easily and quickly produce prints of remarkable visual quality. Then expose your shots without complex and anchor your style in the minds of all.

What is inkjet paper?
Inkjet paper - or aqueous inkjet - is a paper capable of retaining a large amount of ink on small surfaces. The projected inks are mixed with water, which is why it is essential that the paper remains thick enough and does not tear once soaked. Moreover, if you do not choose an inkjet paper when the type of printing chosen requires it, you will get smudges which would spoil the sharpness of your image.
Inkjet paper is available in many formats to meet many needs and to carry out many artistic projects. Whether you want to work on the technical art of black and white, or that of colors, textures, or even enhance a landscape, or even bring out the expression of a face, choose the quality of your jet paper accordingly.
For all your questions regarding the choice of your inkjet paper, do not hesitate to contact our teams who will be happy to direct you to the support that will best suit the printing of your photographs.

Inkjet paper: a paper with exceptional rendering
Inkjet paper is increasingly valued by professionals who see in it a medium of excellence, capable of perfectly reflecting their artistic work, their vision.
Inkjet printing has the advantage of being able to be produced on multiple formats - small and large - and in particular on A4 format inkjet paper without the subject losing its artistic value, decreasing in sharpness. Inkjet paper can therefore present itself as an excellent solution for printing exhibition or event posters.
The inkjet paper also captures the projected pigments beautifully, thus offering an incredible depth to your shots. The color palette is indeed wonderfully well reproduced so that the inkjet paper gives birth to a living, almost palpable work.
Finally, vary the renderings by multiplying the inkjet paper supports to give more meaning to your subject: matte, shiny, or satin. Be aware that a matte paper will remain more resistant. However, the colors reproduced there will be less vivid; choose accordingly.


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