JMP20-JETMASTER Paper Smooth Finish (Natural White) 250gsm
Roll 17" (432mmx30M)[JMP20R17]

<b>JMP20</b>-JETMASTER Paper Smooth Finish (Natural White) 250gsm<br>Roll 17\" (432mmx30M)
JMP20-JETMASTER Paper Smooth Finish (Natural White) 250gsm
Roll 17" (432mmx30M)[JMP20R17]

137.00 € HT
164.40 € TTC
Quantity :
Packaging : Roll 17" (432mmx30M)

Type of product : INNOVA, Photo Fine Art Papers

Weight/thickness : 250gsm

Description : The JetMaster paper has been specially developed to allow the print to stretch without cracking as the 3D frame is assembled. Its unique pliability produces perfect finished corners and the paper has the strength to withstand being peeled back and repositioned if necessary. The JetMaster paper is available in two finishes, one Smooth the other Embossed to replicate the surface texture and appearance of canvas. Weight : 250gsm. The JetMaster display system has been an immediate hit in those busy production environments seeking innovation, quality and consistency at the lowest possible cost. The incorporation of the JetMaster paper range enhances those benefits still further. The paper will be available in A4 and A3 Plus sheet formats and a variety of rolls.

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