PHOTO PANEL 12"x12" (1 unit, black edges) - Size : 305 x 305mm[PP3030N]

PHOTO PANEL 12\"x12\" (1 unit, black edges) - Size : 305 x 305mm

PHOTO PANEL 12"x12" (1 unit, black edges) - Size : 305 x 305mm[PP3030N]

14.50 € HT
17.40 € TTC
Quantity :
Packaging : Photo Panel - deco photo frame
Type of product : Simple photo framing system, black edges
Minimum format : Photo ink jet printer A3 size
Printing size : 305 x 305mm

Description : : A beautiful deco photo frame in a minute
Capturing and printing great images is one job but displaying them to best effect can seem another matter entirely. It can feel a step too far – but how much impact can a photograph truly make if it’s hidden from view?
The new Photo Panel is a simple and effective way to display your photographs, a new addition to the successful JetMaster Display systems range it will be launched at Focus on Imaging 2013. The lightweight, competitively priced JetMaster Photo Panel is fully recycleable and edged with a choice of two smart matte finishes in white or black. To prepare a print for display, lift the release liner, align the image and apply pressure using a roller. Trim edges as necessary, then hang or display using the stand provided. It’s really that simple. A stylish, frame-free format initially available in sample sizes 5”x7” and 8”x10”for wall, counter or desktop display, the JetMaster Photo Panel means that it’s the picture, not the way it’s presented, that gets all the attention. Photographers keep full control on how their images look and, at the same time, can offer buyers a fashionable, take-home solution that is ready in minutes.

PP1318N - Printing format = 127x178mm, Final frame = 119,4x170,2mm, black edges (PP1318B : white edges)
PP2025N - Printing format = 203x254mm, Final frame = 195,6x246,4mm, black edges (PP2025B : white edges)
PP2835N - Printing format = 279x356mm, Final frame = 271,8x348mm, black edges (PP2835B : white edges)
PP3030N - Printing format = 305x305mm, Final frame = 298x298mm, black edges (PP3030B : white edges)

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YOUTUBE VIDEO : How to make your PHOTO PANEL video

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